Wine refrigerators not only have great functionality in keeping your wine at the perfect temperature but they can also add a decorative, sophisticated look to your kitchen, bar, or wine cellar. When drinking red or white wine, it is important to keep the wine at the correct temperature or you will be losing out on getting the full flavor of your wine.

We have organized some of the best wine coolers and refrigerators on the market into an easy to read chart below. Whether you are looking for a small or large wine refrigerator, you'll be able to find the perfect wine cooler below. These top wine refrigerators are sure to meet your take a look below!

6 Bottle Wine Cooler

16 Bottle Wine Cooler

24 Bottle Wine Cooler

51 Bottle Wine Cooler

45 Bottle Wine Cooler

haier-wine-refrigerator avanti-wine-cooler vinotemp wine refrigerator summit-wine-refrigerator under the counter wine refrigerator
Haier Thermal Electric 6 Bottle Wine Cooler I Avanti 16 Bottle Wine Cooler Vinotemp VT-24 Black/Silver Trim 24 Bottle Wine Cooler Summit SWC6G Black 51 Bottle Wine Cooler Vinotemp VT-45SB Series 45 Bottle Wine Cooler

List Price: $159.99

Sale Price: $139.98

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bullet Available in your choice of finishes

bullet Adjustable thermostat control

bullet Temperature settings for red and white wines

bullet 6-bottle capacity

bullet 3 wire storage racks

bullet Ultra-quiet thermal electric cooling

bullet Double pane insulated glass


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List Price: $199.99

Our Price: $149.99

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bullet 17W x 19D x 20.25H inches

bullet Black cabinet

bullet Stores up to 16 wine bottles

bullet Adjustable thermostat

bullet Auto defrost

bullet Recessed handle

bullet Solid state components

bullet No vibration so bottle sediment is not disturbed

bullet Unique state-of-the-art thermoelectric technology

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List Price: $379.99

Sale Price: $299.98

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bullet Attractive free-standing cellar

bullet Double paned glass door helps regulate temp

bullet Sturdy shelf racking for individual bottle storage

bullet Black exterior with silver trim 

bullet 24-bottle capacity

bullet Dimensions: 19.25W x 21D x 25.75H inches

bullet Quiet, energy efficient


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List Price: $1,037.99

Our Price: $849.99

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bullet Push button thermostat for 10-18C (50-64.4F)

bullet Energy-efficient semi-conductor cooling technology

bullet Eco-friendly design does not use refrigerants

bullet 12 bottle capacity countertop wine cellar

bullet 3 contoured chrome shelves safely cradle bottles

bullet Silent operation and no vibration to disturb your wine

bullet Blue LED interior light with external access

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List Price: $1,499.99

Sale Price: $1,149.98

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bullet Under counter or free-standing wine cooler

bullet 45-bottle capacity

bullet Black cabinet with stainless steel

bullet Two compartments and dual temperature zones for all wine types

bullet Light and lock

bullet Sliding wood shelves

bullet Digital display

bullet Measures: 23.75W x 23D x 34.5H inches

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Wine Refrigerators

pouring wine

Wine refrigerators have become extremely popular and can be found in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The United States has become one of the biggest wine drinking countries in the world (next to France of course). Due to the increase in the popularity of wine, wine cooler sales are through the roof.

Since both red and white wines need to be chilled at exact temperatures to get the best aromas and flavors, wine refrigerators are a great solution. You can adjust the temperature of your wine cooler down to the exact degree you want your wine at.

  • Red wines are often served around 55-65 degrees F
  • White wines can range from 43-50 degrees F
  • Always look up the specific wine you have to find the exact serving temperature

Which Wine Refrigerator is Best For Me?

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Choosing a wine cooler is really dependent on your needs. Are you looking for a small cooler to hold a few bottles of wine? Or are you looking for a fancy under the counter wine refrigerator that will impress your friends and family? Either way, there are wine coolers in all different sizes and styles.

Generally, wine refrigerators store the bottle on its side which is common practice of storing unopened wine. Some coolers are black, while some have a stainless steel look. Some wine refrigerators have dual climate control features so you can store different types of wine and keep them at different temperatures all in the same refrigerator!

  • Determine your needs and wants before buying a wine cooler
  • Weigh the pros and cons of each wine refrigerator
  • You may WANT the $2000 dollar wine fridge but you may not NEED it

What Should I Look for in a Wine Refrigerator?

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When choosing a wine refrigerator, you will want one with a reputable brand name, high quality, and a warranty. The wine coolers above all come from reputable brands and are made with the highest quality parts. They also come with a warranty which ensures you will have no unexpected costs from owning a wine fridge.

  • Choose a wine refrigerator based on your needs
  • Made sure there is a warranty
  • Our list of wine coolers above are all made from reputable manufacturers

Still Can't Decide on a Wine Cooler?


No need to worry...take your time when trying to buy a wine cooler. These wine refrigerators are currently priced very well and this pricing won't last too much longer. Owning a wine refrigerator can be a very fun experience. Not only do they offer much functionality but they can add a really nice decorate touch to your kitchen, bar area, or wine cellar.

  • Wine refrigerators offer great functionality
  • They are compact and energy efficient
  • Wine fridges offer a sophicated touch to your home

Interested In a Wine Club to Fill Your New Wine Refrigerator?

wine club

If you are getting a wine cooler and don't have much wine to put in it, you should consider taking advantage of the great wine club deals on the market today. Check out this wine club review site, which offers 12 bottles of wine, tasting notes about each wine, and 4 free wine glasses for only $69.99.

  • 12 Bottles of Wine and a Free Gift for Only $69.99
  • Tasting notes with flavors and aromas of each wine
  • Delivery to your door